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Monday, June 27, 2011


This week is our 13th review post proper, and we would like to take a brief respite from movie reviews to inform you all about one of the main things that inspired the blog you have so been enjoying for the past three months. Paul (the author of the masterpiece in question) is the coolest person you wish you knew. He regularly goes Sasquatch hunting and listens to tons of sick ass metal. Straight out of the Pagan Northwoods of Washington State comes a man with an unholy mission devoted to bringing you the real deal on all things horror. We like this. We like this A LOT. Its all done in MS paint, and we wouldn't have it any other way. As such, he has been cordially invited by the blog to write a blurb about his terrific and highly devoted horror movie review zine. Oh, and we nearly forgot- HE CURRENTLY OWNS OVER 2600 HORROR MOVIES- the lion's share of which are on our much beloved and only true horror format of VHS.

Here is what the man himself has to say about his immensely entertaining and inspirational rag:

I started the zine out of a desire to review movies that no one seemed to touch. Besides Micheal J. Weldin and Joe Bob Briggs many of the people who claimed to love horror and would write huge movie review books often scoffed at anything low budget and or amateur. It seems an injustice to a genre that was mostly made up of underground and subversive ideas. At the time I started I had about 500 films. I decided to simply put a zine together reviewing the films that I loved most and would put them out free in WA state. It's been almost 10 years and I am currently working on my 14th Issue as I speak. I wanted to combine what a tv horror host does on the boob tube into a voice in a zine about movies fronted by a metal head, and I hope I have succeeded. The zine has progressed over time first starting out with just reviews, to now feature directors, actors, scream queens, shit talking pages, interviews, sponsors from the darkest corners of cinema, a tribute page, and a page devoted to mysteries of the macabre in WA state. I have always tried to cram tons of black humor, insight, and heart into my zine. I went 3 issues before anyone other than people I already knew got a hold of me with any type of feedback. I have met many individuals throughout my years of contributing to the paper. Many of these people have become dear friends of mine who I will cherish for the rest of my life. And beyond my wildest dreams this simple idea of doing what I love has gotten myself interviewed for a couple of sources, been able to interview people I never thought I would be able to, and landed a seat paneling on numerous horror subjects at a local Horror Convention. No matter what happens I will be doing this to the day I die because it is my passion, and putting my own sweat and money into it is just part of the package. If you dig low brow un p.c. reviews of some rare shit with a twist of black humor from the grave this may be up your alley. 

email if you are interested in current or back issues. 

1000 heathen hails 

What's this fucking badass look like you ask? Look no further:

THAT is the face of a man to be trusted to deliver the lowdown, make no mistake. If you too want to experience the things described above, simply email him and for a small fee you too can be hooked up with the greatest review zine in the Pacific Northwest. Paul is really a nice man when you get to talk to him. His voice rings mighty into the halls of VHS for all times, so waste no time in contacting him. This man is the Pagan God Emperor of horror reviews (there's a Dune joke in there for those savvy). 


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